Meet Emily

Emily Nichols

Emily is a self-taught abstract artist that resides with her husband, three young children in Fort Worth, Texas. Growing up, she was always finding ways to be creative. She always loved art classes, but studied to be a ballerina until going to college at Texas Christian University. After being an elementary school teacher and then a stay at home mom to her three children, Emily found painting as a creative outlet during the pandemic.

What started out as a painting for her own home quickly grew to painting for friends, family, and now people all across the country.

Emily loves finding the perfect mix and balance of colors to bring her paintings interest, depth, and layers of texture. She finds joy out of being creative and letting herpaintbrush and her process guide the direction of each painting. Her signiture 'confetti style' of painting reminds you that there are moments in each day worthy of celebrating. Emily hopes that her paintings make you stop and smile every time you walk by them in your homes.

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